This is not a comprehensive list of any sort or in any order of importance.
It is simply a list of some artists / bands we like & recommend and will be updated from time to time. Some may play far outside the "blues" realm but each of them has influenced us in their own way.
All those mentioned here have and will continue to inspire us to perform and create the music we play.
Listen to their music.
Who knows, maybe it will stir & awaken something within yourselves.
1) Albert King - Any thing by him. So you dig those outta sight bends that SRV does? Well heres the guy who invented them.

2) The Allman Brothers Band - "Live at The Fillmore" - Its like going to school everytime you hear it. A great lesson in rhythm playing & improvisation. You already knew the "leads" were great.

3) Hound Dog Taylor -
"Beware of The Dog" - Recorded live, it's a real party! As raw as it gets with no bass player. Only 2 guitars & drums and of course, Hound Dog.
1) Little Charlie and The Nightcats: - This Sacaramento, California band is to this day the "houseband" at a local club there. Fortunately for the rest of us they tour once a year and are a true gem to see live. Guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining acts live you will ever see. To get the flavor, do yourself a favor and buy their "Captured Live" CD on Alligator Records. Tremendous jump blues guitar playing and lyrics that will have you howling (ie: "thinking with the wrong head")

2) The Rolling Stones - Well all Stones are good Stones, (even Russell Stone) so lets be more specific; "Exile on Main Street" is their very best. In fact, there is not a close second. There is literally something for everybody...blues, gospel, rock-a-billy, country, harps, horns, finger-pickin' name it, its on here. Shows better than any other single work, their influences and versitility.

3) Alligator Records - If you're looking to broaden your musical horizons, this is the place to look. In addition to the aformentioned Little Charlie, you will find "Katie Webster", the world famous Swamp Boogie Queen and "Professor Longhair" as well as a host of other artists who deserve to be heard by a lot more people.
1) Blues Traveler - Anything by them. Great musicianship. If you're a drummer, check out the simple but effective "fills" and the great way turnarounds are framed.

2) Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Anything by him too. Drummer Chris Layton has the greatest layed back feel in his playing, yet dynamic. Behind the beat but right on the money.

3) Led Zeppelin - Heavy hitting John Bonham plays the off beats but still keeps their songs within a heavy Blues/Rock mode. 

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