**Three upcoming Live Radio appearances!!**

Sunday - April 29th - 9:00 - 11:00pm - GRAVEYARD BLUES - full band interview & performance on N.Y. radio station 103.9 WRCN hosted by Jerry Schaefer.

Friday - May 4th - 9:15 - 10:00am - BLUES WAREHOUSE - Interview & performance on N.Y. radio station 90.1 WUSB Stonybrook  with host Mark Klein from The LI Blues warehouse.
Tuesday May 8th - 7:30 - 8:30pm  - LONG ISLAND BLUES WAREHOUSE ** LIVE performance, Interview, web broadcast, FOUR camera professional video shoot at EKO Productions studio on Long Island. NY - LI Blues Warehouse appreance hosted by Mark Klein.

THE SLAMJAMMERS ARE GLOBAL WITH PLAYS IN EUROPE AND THROUGHT THE WORLD!!! - Phil , Russ & Tom continue to garner significant airplay throughout Europe with recent plays in the UK, Italy, Russia,  Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland  as well as Columbia, Brazil and even Australia.

DEAL INKED WITH DJFX PRODUCTIONS: TRINITY, womens wrestling sensation, has just released a brand  new DVD that chronicles a day in the life of TRINITY'S world!  Phil, Russ & Tom  contributed 9 tunes from their debut release  "Ready, Willing & Able" & also shot two new videos for the tunes "Maybe" & "Don't Push Me" for  this latest release!

IT'S HAPPENING! - Fans have been asking for years: Where can we get your "older stuff"? Well, wait no more! Plans are currently underway to re-release on CD material recorded back in 1990/1991 & 1993. and previously out of print.These early efforts chronicle the evolution of the band & document it's begining, so.......the working title is "Beginings".  No release date has been set.

BOOTLEG BLUES! - Various "bootleg" recordings of the group have been made over the past 15 yrs. and have been passed around among fans. (Taping of shows has always been encouraged, so "bootleg" is a bit of a mis-nomer.) Although varying in sound quality, these recordings also document some very solid, live performances where chances were taken, jams extended and inspiration was the #1 priority.
Some magical moments are captured (along with blemishs) but  what else could one expect from club dates where the beer & whiskey flowed freely & patrons were only too happy to have the boys in the band kick back a few with them!
GROOVETONE has quietly been aquiring copies of these tapes which include performances dating back to 1991. A compilation of these recordings is also being worked on & will include several original tunes never before recorded.
The working title is "Bootleg Blues" . No release date has been set.

Updated on: April 21, 2012
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