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"On his first album, Phil Varca plays with an intensity and brashness his fans have come to expect. The instrumentals - "Runaway Shuffle" and especially "Struttin' " - ignite the album and showcase Varca's abundant skills as a guitarist. An entire disc of instrumentals would be too audacious the first time around, so Varca created a slew of songs with lyrics for him to growl, while giving his fingers a rest between explosive licks. The soulful "Rain" is an exception that demonstrates that Varca is not all finger flash." -
 Ron Beigel - Long Island Voice
"...The triumvirate of sizzling guitarist and lead vocalist Phil Varca, bassist John Dunn and drummer Russell Stone are inspiring players all, but what distances these guys from a very strong field is that they write their own material. Trading in universal, blue collar songs that hit on the day to day stuff that gets on our nerves, Varca gets his guitar to do some serious talking while the dense rhythm section drives home every song with power and finesse, depending upon need.  With a reverential respect of the blues, Phil Varca & The SlamJammers deliver the blues with equal parts sincere respect and fresh ideas. This ain't tourist blues, but the passing fan will dig it. If you eat and sleep the blues, you already have this. If you don't, dont pass up one of the best albums that Long Island will produce all year.
Expect big things...you'll get 'em."
John Blenn - Long Island Entertainment
"This the first full legnth release from one of Long Islands most powerful, authentic blues bands. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Phil Varca's passion leaps out of the speakers, with stinging, gutsy guitar playing and full throttle vocals. The energy of the band's live performances seems to have been successfully captured and presentd here too. Guess who's gonna track this band down ASAP?
......I've been listening to "Ready, Willing & Able" quite a bit since I initially reviewed it last month and it continues to impress me as a very solid documentation of a pretty fuckin' hot blues band. There are other bands on Long Island claiming to play the blues, but I think these guys have a definite edge. Hopefully I'll be able to track them down live soon! "
Roy Abrams - The Musicians Exchange
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