1994 - 1997
Photos taken during the recording of 
"Ready, Willing & Able"
Phil & Fred Guarino, Head Engineer & owner of  Tiki Recording
The Big Red One "Johnny" Dunn lays down the bottom end.
John, Russ & Fred listening to some new tracks
Phil & Fred working on rhythm tracks
Phils' mini Fender wall of sound ( l to r): '59 Bassman Re-Issue,  '63 Vibroverb & Pro-Junior
After being awakened from a sound sleep, Russ gives his opinion of the last take.
Phil shows Russ the proper way to drum and teaches him a few tricks.......(well, not really!)
Russ shows Phil the proper way to drum and teaches him to stick to the guitar.......(Really!)
15 hours in the studio will make anyone forget where their ears are & fall asleep. Russ and Fred prove they are no exception.
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